Sebring Services delivers on all phases of any construction project for your northern Illinois home. We carry a tried, tested and true method of business that is unfortunately a novelty for so many businesses today, particularly in our industry. We earn repeat and word-of-mouth business the old-fashioned way: by servicing your needs, exceeding your expectations with superior craftsmanship and materials, all at a reasonable, affordable price.

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Courteous professionalism, craftsmanship and affordability is our specialty

We specialize in all of the following areas:
  • Additions
    • You name any addition to your home, and we will give you a full rundown on how we are going to permanently take care of a brand new and much beloved kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, home office, guestroom or a whole new area in your basement. You can be sure to trust us: from the very beginning we outline a detailed schedule and tightly hold to following through on our promise, including dates for major construction as well as the payment situation. We are highly-skilled professionals who prefer to focus on craft, technicality and politely communicating with you. We simply are not interested in tricks or scams.
  • Renovations
    • Sometimes it is not necessary to cobble additional space on top of or beside your home. Sometimes it is just better to rearrange or improve what you already have. You probably love your home and the many memories established there, but that kitchen or bathroom was constructed with a different standard of craftsmanship and materials 10, 20 or 30 years ago. It is time for an upgrade, and maybe you have matured and prefer the finer things in life.
  • Kitchens
    • It’s the heart of every home, and it’s where everyone in you family comes together for sustenance. An old kitchen may often tend to not flow with the style of cooking nowadays and just may not be sufficient for what you are in need of. If you congregate in your kitchen, use multiple help for cooking meals there or you just want a new design for appliances, we will communicate with you to quickly and efficiently plan precisely what you want.
  • Bathrooms
    • Whereas most of the other rooms in your home are meant to be shared, this is the one place sanctified for privacy. Many bathrooms are originally designed for utilitarian purposes, but when it’s one of the few times in your day (perhaps the only time) where you get time alone, you’ll likely want to make the most of it. We have all the ways and means of creating that kingly and/or queenly palace about which you have always fantasized. A spa-like tub that rains on command, a Euro-styled freestanding tub, a separate shower or just another sink for the morning rush and improved materials and lighting, we meet your needs with affordable pricing.
  • Basements
    • There is no greater opportunity for home improvement than in a property owner’s basement. Often abandoned for old storage and cobwebs, an upgrade and making the space livable usually increases storage space while maintaining the materials stored better kept while offering a plethora of space to be designed and filled out. If you renovate your entire basement, it is like gaining a whole new floor. A gym, a bar, a children’s play area, a media center and the list goes on. With a basement renovation, you invest in your property with square footage increased significantly.

Homeowners often say our additions and renovations are their new favorite portion of their homes. We are also builders of entirely new homes. If you are looking to materialize the home of your dreams, work with professional, courteous and trustworthy craftsmen and all staying within your price range, we are the neighbors who want to work with you.

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Our services cover Naperville, Illinois, as well as Glen Ellyn, Wheaton, Plainfield, Downer’s Grove, Woodridge, Hinsdale, St. Charles, Lisle, Batavia, Aurora and Darien.

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When you remodel, you should be comfortable with the company you choose. You should ultimately work with someone who understands exactly what you are looking to do. Find out why thousands of customers have chosen us and why they continue to refer us to their family and friends.
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"To say we have been satisfied with their work is an understatement. The quality of craftsmanship delivered by Sebring Services is wonderful. However, we have been even more impressed with the reliability of Bryan and his team; phone calls were returned immediately, both projects (basement and kitchen) were finished in record time...